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Capitalism and Schizophrenia

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8/8/05 12:28 am - johnkochultra - Book Recommendation

To everyone reading Capitalism and Schizophrenia, I suggest you check out Dialogues (2nd ed., Columbia University Press), a transcript of four conversations between Deleuze and Claire Parnet. Topics include "The Superiority of Anglo-American Literature," "Dead Psychoanlysis: Analyse," and "Many Politics." The interviews reference C&S almost exclusively and discuss the work's concepts at a slower pace. Dialogues doesn't show up until far down on the list of Deleuze searches, but I think it's more useful than Massumi's "Guide."

8/4/05 12:31 am - keep_moving

hey ya'll. my name's charlie and i'm currently writing a b.a. thesis using D+G quite a lot. I've read bits of both the Capitalism and Schitzophrenia books but am concentrating on 'minor' literature - the Postscript on Societies of Control, interviews, Guittari's Chaosmosis, and weird Semiotext(e) books. Woot woot!

7/20/05 08:59 pm - brimaxwellzim - Explain Nomadology, the War Machine and the State

Nomadology, the War Machine and the State, please explain. I'm very interested in Deleuze and Gutarri but don't have time to finish the work and think that my general impression from reading bits and pieces of it and other people's explanations isn't correct. Please, help me understand this work.

10/26/04 11:48 pm - shaunathan

New member here. I got into Deleuze and Guattari via one of those "Introducing Post modernism" graphic novels. From there I read a general overview of their theories, and found it was applicable to my research on Ray Bradbury. From there I moved into Kafka. I tried Anti-Oedipus but found it hard to get through, so I'm anxious to see what this community can come up with.

9/30/04 10:50 pm - thescuspeaks - A new community

control_society is a new community that might interest members here.
Near the end of his career, French philosopher Gilles Deleuze synthesized the thoughts of American author William S. Burroughs and fellow French philosopher Michel Foucault to argue that we have entered a new mode of power that he terms "Control." This Control Society exists on the backs of the failed and metamorphed sovereign society and disciplinary society.

This community seeks to analysis control societies: to map their genealogy, understand their relays of power, unravel their logics. Moreover, this community seeks to design new weapons and models of resistence or flight.

In so doing we will delve into the history of philosophy, explore the political and economic landscape of the world around us, interrogate new technology and information services, and question and build the material-semiotic mythology of our current existence.

(forgive the cross-postings)

9/27/04 11:17 am - jon_raleigh - Few things for this week...

We should be on Chapter 2. Thanks to Semiote for posting his thoughts.

I'm about half way through Brian Massumi's A User's Guide to Capitalism and Schizophrenia. It's very dense and wordy... Hemmingway would have thrown the book out the window. Massumi's examples are very enlightening... I'll post them in this community very soon.

A couple of possible projects:
Definitions: Work on some of the more important concepts in AO and ATP... attempt to explain the concepts... correct eachother... etc.

Current Examples of these important concepts (similar to what Massumi does).

Possibilities for Application: How can we use the concepts in these works to improve our own lives... the operations of the state (revolution, etc.)

9/21/04 08:51 pm - semiote - Introduction

Deleted by author

9/18/04 07:38 pm - thescuspeaks - On "The Process"

This is a write up trying to explain "The Process" that D^G talk about (Anti-Oedipus pp.1-22).
Read more...Collapse )

9/8/04 06:00 pm - jon_raleigh - A past attempt...

I tried to work through ATP with a friend once before, but it didn't work out. Here are a few pathetic attempts [Opening Comments...] [The Roots of Terrorism Vs. Rhizomes of Terror]

9/8/04 04:42 pm - jon_raleigh - 11 days.

11 days until we begin the project. Feel free to promote this community elsewhere. I plan on posting more non-intrusive unadvertisements on some of the larger philosophy communities. The more minds that we recruit to work through the book, the more we'll get out of it.

Here's a link to Dr. John Protevi's course notes and links for his Deleuze and Guattari class. They are quite helpful. I'm taking the course right now, which is one of my reasons for starting the community/project.

By the way, feel free to post about anything you want. Let us populate this page.  

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