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wrote this today, thought this community might be interested

"'Which came first, the chicken or the egg?', repeated by generations of philosophy professors. The egg was used to contradict the question. But the egg is much stronger than that: it's the egg all alone, without mother hen, without cause, and without a chick inside. Without beginning or end, but always in the middle, as one among the thousand plateaus." [from Postface 1980: From Anti-Oedipus to A Thousand Plateaus by Catherine Clement, translated by Charles J. Stivale (there are some errors, but overall a good translation)]

the egg is not the beginning of life, nor the end of the reproductive process. no more an emanation of life than emanating from life. the egg is a life, a pure composition of living. it is the immanence of life which composes the egg, it is the pre-organised body, pre-personalized life. body without organs, pure life-as-living (a life not caught in a causal chain of lived moments, but in the living moment. life as defined only by its becoming (living), living as defined only by its pure immanence to itself (a life)).

omne vivum ex ovo, all life is from the egg. this is not necessarily to imply that all life is caught in a successive descent: descent is questionable because it implies life separates, departs from itself, comes down from the first into successive differences that are evolutionary, in distinct and individuated lives with their own private living. as if it is from the primordial living thing that others are created; from the first, the one, comes the many that follow, that move towards the culmination through a progressive and stifled differentiation that can only strive for its end, rather than remain content in the middle. from the egg towards Man, from God-in-heaven to God-on-earth.

we seek a different notion of life, of creation, of God. never a life that devolves from the egg onto an organism, a becoming caught between being-this and being-that; never a living that evolves in successive stages, successive lives, successive bodies. we want a liberated becoming. only a life, a body that never had an organism and never needed one. we seek a notion of life not as evolutionary, organismatic, but involutionary - composed of intensities, flows of becoming in a multiplicity:

"[W]e treat the BwO as the full egg before the extension of the organism and the organization of the organs, before the formation of the strata; as the intense egg defined by axes and vectors, gradients and thresholds, by movements involving group displacement, by migrations: all independent of accessory forms because the organs appear and function here only as pure intensities." [ATP 153]

God couldn't have climbed down from heaven to earth because God already was the earth to begin with. "the full body of the goddess Earth..." [AO 142] not a mother who produces an egg that she is not; the egg is the mother herself, the goddess, Astarte ("An ancient Semitic goddess of love and war...In the Bible, her name sometimes appears in the plural, perhaps referring to a group of goddesses." [link] she was the goddess of fertility and her sacred symbols were the egg and the womb). she did not need man to create life because she was already creating life.

the mother, the egg, the goddess - all life passes through her. she is the becoming that we all pass through, she is the Living Moment. Mother Earth, Mother Nature, the World Egg, the Cosmic Egg. she did not come before life in order to create it; she is the creativity, the infinite fecundity of a life, she is the constant creation anew of the living itself. she did not precede the world in order to give unity to chaos; she is the multiplicity of the world - chaosmos. there is no before her and there is no after, she is all there ever was - intermezzo...

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